​​The Myasthenia Gravis Association (MGA) is a nonprofit association with partial funding provided by the United Way.

We offer a variety of services for MG patients:

We work with several neurologists throughout Missouri and Kansas who specialize in the treatment of myasthenia gravis. In Kansas City we’ve established MG clinics at St. Luke’s and Kansas University Medical Center where patients are seen for diagnosis, testing and ongoing treatment of MG. Our staff or volunteers are present at clinic appointments to offer education, information and support.  

The MGA provides individualized education and advocacy.

Our trained staff and volunteers counsel newly diagnosed

individuals and their families to help them adjust to living

with MG by providing information and resources offered

through the MGA. This includes one-on-one consultation,

education, social service referrals and visits to patients

should they be hospitalized. We also provide New Member

Packets free to those who are new to the MGA and living in

Missouri, Kansas and NW Arkansas.  These packets include information on MG, its treatment and living with the disease.  We also offer a list of neurologists who specialize in the treatment of MG.

We sponsor patient support group meetings which provide MG patients and their caregivers with a resource to better understand and cope.  Typical meetings feature special presentations and present an opportunity for informal sharing of information among attendees.

The MGA publishes a quarterly newsletter and other informational materials such as brochures and articles of interest.

Member Services